by Michael Xu

Lot Maintenance and Renovations

Lot owners in an owners’ corporation are entitled to renovate or refurbish the interior of their home. A lot owner must notify the owners’ corporation if the renovations require a building or planning permit.

A lot owner must also keep the exterior of their lot in ‘good and serviceable repair’. Its appearance must not affect other lot owners’ use and enjoyment of the property. If an owner fails to keep the exterior in good and serviceable repair, an owners corporation can, in writing, order the owner to carry out repairs.

If the requested repairs are not carried out within 28 days, the owners corporation can perform the work without the lot owner’s approval and charge the owner for the cost.

Use of common property

A lot owner must not use or neglect the common property or permit it to be used or neglected in a manner that is likely to cause damage or deterioration to the common property. Restrictions:

  • Not damaging or altering the common property without the written approval of the owners’ corporation
  • Not parking a vehicle on the common property except in the case of an emergency
  • Not behaving in a manner likely to unreasonably interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of any other person entitled to use the common property
  • not unreasonably create any noise likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of any other person entitled to use the common property

Payment of Fees

A lot owner is liable to pay any outstanding fees, charge, contribution or amount owing to the owners’ corporation in respect of that lot.

A lot owner is not liable to pay or contribute to the funds of the owners’ corporation a proportion of any amount required to discharge a liability of the owners’ corporation exceeding the lot owner’s lot liability.


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