Information Session Hanoi

Information Session in Hanoi



Peter Nevile | January 2020

Vietnam is an exciting market for our firm. Since we negotiated a MOU with Vietthink, a law firm in Hanoi, we have undertaken a number of presentations in Vietnam focusing on Investment, Migration and Education opportunities in Australia.

Over the last few days with the invaluable assistance of Minh Chau, her mother, Mrs. Nguyen and Mr. Long, we have had information sessions in Vung Tao, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. We were also very fortunate to have Ha Nguyen from Guest Accounting with us to  make a presentation.

As a result, we have a number of new prospective clients. In addition we have been fortunate to establish a wider network of people who are happy to work with us to introduce their friends and colleagues to attend future sessions.

I was also introduced to a media and communication studies student at an Australian University with a campus in Vietnam who will work with us in the future to expand our presence in Vietnam.

We know from our experience in Indonesia and China how important it is to continue our presence in the country. This is not a hard task when the people we have met are so friendly and helpful, and the food so good!