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Financial Decisions That Will Make You Think Twice


Both men and women who have recently retreated or have been forcibly ejected from a relationship are generally not in the best state of mind to make sound financial decisions.


It might be useful to set out a sort of checklist, incorporating the fundamental principles that at least ought to be considered in these circumstances.  They are certainly not intended to be exclusive. Trying to protect people from their emotions and desires would be a lifetime’s work.



  1. Upon leaving a relationship for whatever reason, accept that you may be emotionally vulnerable for some time, and lock up your assets in a vault or  even in a term deposit and ensure you also deposit your titles, share certificates and any other assets of material or emotional significance.
  2. Consider appointing someone else as Power of Attorney.
  3. If you have Herculean strength, then simply resolve to take no action for a least a year which may in any way have a material effect on your assets or income. If you have exited from a traumatic relationship and you have been left with very little, then consider reading on for the time when you hopefully have rebuilt your wealth.
  4. As a general principle, endeavour to separate your personal assets from your business assets or the assets which are likely to attract more risk. This is not always an easy task as banks tend to seek protection in bricks and mortar and other tangible assets wherever they can.

If you are seeking a mortgage or bank accommodation work out a reasonable amount of security, offer that and no more.  If surplus assets are available be assured that the bank will want to take security over any and all of them.

At this stage you may be slightly confused but have another Gin and Tonic, and let me assure you that these are all well accepted commercial business practices. Do not try to implement any without seeking professional legal advice because in the space of this article I can only provide an outline. Remember that frequently people who make small fortunes start with long ones.

Many relationship breakdowns result directly or indirectly from financial problems. You owe it to yourself or at least your partner, to do whatever you can to remove or reduce the many and varied paths to unsettled relationships. Alternatively, I suppose you can recognise that this could be the catalyst that you are looking for to terminate the relationship that is going nowhere.

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