Changes to China Visitor Visa Processing

According to the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) changes have been made to the Visitor Visa Processing across China.

On 3 April 2018, China introduced a new operating model called the China Visitor Model. This is based on the principle of three China locations, working together as one office –

o Beijing
o Guangzhou
o Shanghai

The Department of Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs  (DICMA) has introduced a centralised case distribution system for all e-lodged Visitor Visa Applications in China. The Applications are allocated to Visa Processing Officers across the three China locations, regardless of the Applicant’s geographic location.

The benefits will be standardised decision-making and processing times.

New Website Information and Contact Points

Applicants and their representatives are strongly encouraged to use online services wherever possible.
Lodgement is available to PRC passport holders of most visa subclasses.
A new online Australian Immigration Enquiry Form is now the single point of contact for all client correspondence to any Australian Visa Office in China. Applicants and their representatives are encouraged to consult the Australian Embassy or Department of Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural  Affairs website for answers to questions about visas before submitting the form.

Business and Tourist Visa Services in China

Annual applications for Visitor Visas have already reached 1 million this program year.
Priority consideration under a fast/track service. The Department will aim to finalise priority applications within two business days of application lodgement within 48 hours for a fee of AUD$1,000 in addition to the application fee of AUD$140.
Online lodgement for individual Visitor Visas.
Option exists for online visa application lodgement. DICMA encourages Visa Applicants to lodge their application online as it helps streamline processing arrangements. Applicants should pay the priority processing fee if their travel is urgent.

Processing Times

Visitor Visa processing times for e-lodged applications in China in the Business and Tourist streams are within the global average:
 11-18 days for Business Visitors

 19-27 days for Tourists

All applicants are strongly encouraged to check current processing times and lodge their applications well in advance of their intended travel date.

For further information on the above or other Immigration matters or Visa queries, please contact