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Why You Should Get A Legal Health Check – Part 3

Following recent articles posted, and which you can read here, we continue to list some other major areas that a legal health check will cover. Family and Estate Planning and Employees.

How to stablilise your wealth

  Very few people find accumulating wealth an easy task, and it comes as no surprise that most of us wish to preserve it as best we can. In this article, I would like to raise a number of issues which may assist in the protection of your wealth, and some tips on how you […]

Is there a need for a Will?

I would like to acquaint you with a few issues relating to the need for a Will.
Wills are not only for those in fear of an imminent demise or those in wedded bliss – or otherwise. They are equally important for singles, and particularly important for those who have just exited a relationship, or are about to contemplate a new relationship, or even serial relationships.
An existing Will becomes void on marriage and a Will made in marriage is not automatically revoked on separation or divorce.

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