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Can I Migrate to Australia without a Job Offer?

Many people migrate to Australia without having a job or getting sponsored. You must prove that you have the skills and qualifications necessary to work in an occupation. You also require to pass an English test (IELTS or others). Some crucial requirements to migrate to Australia are required.

A Must See Visit – Port Arthur, Tasmania – Part 1

Port Arthur is a very important part of the story of forced migration and settlement in Australia. If you visit Tasmania, in my view, this is a must see. It lies about an easy hours’ drive from Hobart. Home to convicts, military and civilian officers and their families. The convicts worked at many industries producing goods and services for use locally. The military and civilian officers looked after security and administration.

Coronavirus Affecting Australia’s Economy

Exports to China make up 38% of the Australian export market, and the virus has reduced the demand for many goods and services. A potentially positive outcome for the Australian consumers is that we could see lower petrol prices as a result of the Coronavirus.

November Newsletter 2019

  Spring Current Affairs Australia has […]

What can you learn from elite dragon boat athletes?

Dragon boat racing is a competitive […]

When am I out of time?

How long is a year? A […]

Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa

Subclass 870 The Sponsored Parent (Temporary) […]

Training Visa Subclass 407

The 407 Visa is a temporary visa […]

Overstaying your visa expiry date in Australia, What do I do now?

If you have overstayed your visa, […]

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