Debt Matters – Insolvency

Debt Matters

o Are you Owed Money?

    • If you are owed money, for goods or services you have provided, or by way personal or commercial loans, contact us without delay.
    • We provide fast and efficient advice and assistance to recover what is owed to you.
    • The difference between Nevile & Co and many “debt collection” services, is that many debt collection services are not lawyers and often can only send letters. Then when unsuccessful, they engage lawyers on your behalf. We are lawyers, with many years of experience in litigation and debt collection. We act in a fast, decisive, and efficient way in your best interests.

o Are you being pursued for Money?


    • If your company has received a Statutory Demand you MUST do something within 21 calendar days, otherwise your company may be wound-up and lose control of the company and assets. Contact us immediately for advice on your options.
    • If you receive a letter of demand for an alleged debt, and ignore it, that may result in a Statutory Demand and then possibly winding-up of your company. Contact us today, for fast, efficient advice and assistance.


    • If you receive a Bankruptcy Notice you MUST do something within 21 calendar days, otherwise you may become bankrupt and lose control of your finances and assets. Contact us today. We will provide you with timely, and expert advice on your options.

Corporate Insolvency

If your company is facing increasing financial pressure, seeking the immediate assistance of independent and experienced professionals is the key to moving through any difficult financial period.

It would be rare that there were no workable strategies left to keep your business ‘alive’ and trading. If the situation is dire, then there is still very good reason to seek help, to ensure that the flow-on effects of insolvency are minimised.

Nevile & Co. have an experienced team of lawyers and advisors who can make recommendations on such matters as: asset protection; handling staff redundancies; capital raising; dealing with your bank, the ATO and creditors; and providing timely advice on your statutory responsibilities with respect to your ongoing business operations.

Nevile & Co.’s, ‘Restructuring and Insolvency’ team is a phone call away. Our first meeting with you is on a ‘no charge, no obligation’ basis.

Business/Corporate Restructuring

The team members at Nevile & Co. are not only experienced lawyers, but also have extensive hands-on business management experience in industries including: hospitality, property development, agriculture, manufacturing, and TV production, to name just a few of the businesses which have been run by some of our team members.

If you need timely professional advice on, for example:

  • asset restructuring;
  • business partnership structures;
  • business succession advice;
  • divestment of under-performing assets;
  • sourcing business finance for a specific commercial opportunity;
  • downsizing/upsizing business operations,

then these are all examples of the types of activities for which Nevile & Co. have successfully advised our clients.

Personal Bankruptcy

If you are facing a situation where it appears impossible to meet your existing financial obligations, there are alternatives which may result in you not having to declare bankruptcy. Nevile & Co. will provide professional advice about the best way to deal with your financial situation.

At Nevile & Co. we pride ourselves on being ethical and honest in our dealings with you and your creditors. We can assist you in your negotiations with creditors, or can negotiate on your behalf.

Securing your Interest (Personal Property Security Register)

If your company is delivering substantial amounts of stock on credit terms to your customers, then it is vital to secure your interest in those goods to protect against the potential insolvency of your customer. In most cases where a security interest is not registered, and your custom becomes insolvent, you will be unable to recover the goods which have been supplied to them on credit terms.

Nevile & Co. can advise you on the process of securing your title to goods supplied to your customers through the Federal Government’s Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) and develop suitable procedures so that your company can undertake the ongoing management of the PPSR.

We provide expertise, advice and services regarding:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Matters - Insolvency
  • Asset Protection
  • Corporate Structure
  • Compliance / Corporations Act / Directors Duties
  • Debt Recovery / PPSA
  • Insurance Matters