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The Department of Home Affairs and the State Governments have confirmed the reform of Business Innovation and Investor Visa (Subclass 188) in July 2021.

Business Entrepreneurs and Investor are facing higher thresholds including assets and business turnover.

Below is a snapshot of the proposed changes:

  • 188A Business Innovation Visa: Asset requirement will be increased from AUD$800K to AUD$1.25 million. Turnover is expected to increase from AUD$500K to AUD$750K.
  • 188B Investor Visa: Increment of investment amount in Australia
  • 188C Significant Investor Visa: Increment on investment amount in Australia

The State Governments are also implementing stricter rules on State Nomination Application.

Business Innovation and Investor Visa can lead to Permanent Residence Visa after qualifying periods. It is still one of the most advantageous visa options with high approval rate from the department.

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