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Who we are

Nevile & Co. is an established boutique legal firm located in Collins Street, Melbourne, with associated offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

We have also developed an international client base with hundreds of clients worldwide, particularly in Asia. We speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, and French, with access to other languages as required.

With more than forty-eight years' experience, we have the resources and expertise to assist you in our areas of practice, while still providing you with a personal service and competitive fee structure.

Our Terms of Engagement contain a Costs Agreement and Costs Disclosure Statement. We aim to be completely transparent and flexible about the way we charge for our services.

Planning on or already doing business in Australia?
Then you may need advice on agreements, business
structures, intellectual property and taxation.
We can assist you to navigate the relevant laws and
regulations, as well as provide ongoing legal support.
Our experience shows that over 95% of
commercial disputes will be settled prior
to reaching Court, and that finding the right
outcome is ultimately a commercial decision
for your business. Our role is to advise you of
your legal position, risk mitigation and resolution
options, and to assist you with choosing the correct
strategy to achieve that right outcome.
Looking at purchasing or selling property?
We can assist you with conveyancing and other
legal matters relating to houses, townhouses
and apartments, as well as residential strata
developments and land subdivision.
For overseas buyers, we can also provide advice
on FIRB -Foreign Investment Review Board regulations
and the vacancy provisions.
Separation and divorce is a difficult time
of great upheaval. We can guide you through
the process as smoothly as possible, towards
the next stage of your life. We deal with custody
and child support issues, as well as any other
family law matters that might arise.
To die intestate (without a Will), or to die
leaving a Will which does not reflect your wishes,
can create a great deal of stress…causing friction
within families. We take into account each client’s
unique personal and financial circumstances,
tailored to their needs.
Do you want to bring your partner to Australia
from overseas? Or you might be interested in
setting up a business or investment in Australia.
There are many things you must consider in order
to make a smooth visa application. Let’s do it together.
We can assist you with the necessary contractual
arrangements, leasing, franchising, licences and
permits, as well as any government permits. 
We provide practical, proactive and commercial
advice which can assist an Owners’ Corporation in
efficiently managing common property, reducing its
risk of future legal claims and/or disputes, and
protecting its assets.
Interested in investing in Australia? We can help
you identify, evaluate and purchase a wide range
of investments. This includes commercial
agreements, business acquisitions, property
acquisitions, international business transactions,
particularly in relation to inbound investment such as 
farms, wineries, etc.
We can advise on building disputes,
including appropriate contractual
relationships, negotiations and the best
way to structure the contract given
a particular circumstance.
Is your company facing increasing financial pressure?
Seeking the immediate assistance of independent and
experienced professionals is the key to moving
through any difficult financial period.
We can provide you with advice about
protecting your intellectual property,
trademarks, copyright or registered designs.
We will advise whether you need trademark
or copyright protection, and ensure the process
is straightforward and finalised quickly.

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Level 11, 100 Collins Street

Phone: 03 9664 4700
International: +61 3 9664 4700

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Phone: 95 040 462871
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Ery Tanan

Phone: +62 811 1807 456

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