By Jeffrey Stone

A new three-tiered visa system is set to replace the Temporary Skills Shortage Subclass 482 visa


The ‘essential skills’ visa will target those earning under $70,000; the ‘core skills’ visa will cover the $70,000-$135,000 range; and the ‘specialist skills’ visa is proposed for those earning over $135,000 per year. The specialist skills visa pathway, with no occupational list, promises a swift processing turnaround of 7 days. Trades occupations, machinery operators, drivers, and labourers are to be excluded from this category, which will have an annual allocation of 3,000 places.


The essential skills visa pathway details are pending finalisation.  These visas will be granted for up to 4 years and visa holders will have greater ability to change employers more easily. These temporary visas will provide clear pathways to permanent residency. The ‘Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold’ will be indexed annually, and a public register of employer sponsors created, to allow more ease with moving between employers.


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