By Linnea Cederberg

Celebrate Lunar New Year
Lunar New year is fast approaching! Join the festivities and celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year Dragon Festival in Chinatown on February 11th! You will be able to experience various markets, enjoy great food, art, music, and traditional lion dances to welcome the Year of the Dragon. More info can be found here.


Connection at the Lume
Step into a breathtaking world of radiant colours and mesmerising projections at The Luminous Lume’s dazzling digital art exhibition, Connection. Closing February 4th, Connection unveils the world’s largest digital canvas, adorned with over 650 vibrant works by 110 First Nations’ artists. You will be able to witness Australia’s oldest stories come alive in a captivating tapestry of music and visuals. Book tickets here.


Night on the Reef at Sea Life
Dive into an enchanting underwater world after dark at SEA LIFE Melbourne’s brand-new Night on the Reef! This dazzling makeover unveils a 360-degree ocean wonderland teeming with vibrant fish, majestic sharks, and playful rays. Witness the ocean come alive under the moonlight as bioluminescent creatures’ glow and engaging talks unveil the secrets of coral reef ecosystems. Learn more and book tickets here.


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