Owner’s Corporation Disputes

About This Service

As experienced dispute resolution lawyers, during an Owner’s Corporation dispute, we advise you on your legal position, risk mitigation and resolution options.

As one of Australia’s most popular capital cities, Melbourne is no stranger to the ever increasing demand for high density living.

Unfortunately, where there are going to be large groups of people living in one building, there are going to be disputes relating to how that building is used and whether this impacts the comfortable living of other residents.

We will advise you on any Owner’s Corporation dispute so that all possible outcomes are understood and your way forward is as stress free as it can be.

Here at Nevile & Co., we believe consistent and reliable communication is the key to resolving internal owners’ corporations disputes in an amicable manner. Our litigation and disputes lawyers are able to provide you with expert advice on how to successfully resolve a number of internal disputes, regardless of how small (or huge!) the issue may seem.

We also prefer to resolve disputes without the involvement of the Courts, and as such can assist across all manner of Alternate Dispute Resolution processes and undertake mediation or negotiation on your behalf.

If you need legal advice and assistance in an owners’ corporation dispute from an experienced and local law firm, contact us today.

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