Why You Should Get a Legal Health Check – Part 2

In our recent article, we spoke about the importance of why you should get a Legal Health Check.

Apart from the ones mentioned in our article last week, which you can read here, we continue to list some other major areas that a legal health check will cover:

Commercial Agreements

For many business owners, the success or failure of their business depends on the quality of the agreements the business makes with various parties. Well drafted and legally tight agreements can protect businesses from liability, while badly drafted or ambiguous agreements can expose businesses to the risks of litigation. A legal health check can review all the current agreements that the business has signed and advise whether the agreements need to be updated.

Loan Agreements and Disputes

A legal health check can also review a person or business’ loans and check whether they have been properly documented with properly written loan agreement. A legal health check can also review all of the disputes a person or business may be involved in currently and provide advice on how they can best resolve or deal with such disputes.

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