What do a Viola and a Lawsuit have in Common?

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What do a Viola and a Lawsuit have in Common?  Answer: Everyone is happy after the case is closed!

However, playing music in your business without a licence can lead to some serious “treble“.


With all puns aside, it goes without saying that the right music can have a positive impact on customer mood, purchasing decisions, store ambiance and employee well being. When combined, all of these factors work together to increase the appeal of your brand’s image. However, the Copyright Act gives songwriters and composers the right to control the use of their music. In fact, whenever music is played in public, the songwriter or composer is entitled to royalties. This also applies to music being played in a business, venue or workplace.

Whether you own a busy retail shop or an employee filled workplace, you need a licence which covers your copyright obligations when streaming or playing recorded music. This is where OneMusic Australia can help!



OneMusic is an APRA AMCOS and PPCA joint licencing initiative designed to simplify the process of obtaining a licence for the commercial use of musical works, sound recordings and videos. APRA (Australian Performing Rights Association) and AMCOS (Australian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society) grant licences for the live performance, broadcast and streaming of musical works. They then distribute the total licence fees to their affiliated societies worldwide.

As stated on the their website, “OneMusic has worked to create music licences specific to all industry sectors which are customized to the size and scale of your operation. These licences are fine-tuned to your actual music use – featured music, live music or background music – or a combination of all three.”

By simply obtaining a licence you are securing your business against exposure to copyright infringement lawsuits and the numerous penalties that exceed the length of your Christmas list!

For more information about your responsibilities and obtaining the right licence for your business, contact us today!